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    Abusing ourselves

    Abusing Ourselves

    To explain what I mean by this, let me tell you a story. One day I was helping a client to fit new clothes in her dresser where a specific order reigned. We found some shapeware body wraps. This is an all elastic women’s undergarment whose purpose is to coil around you like a python and squeeze all the excess flesh around the midriff so the body looks shapely, lean, and more appealing. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it. At that moment, I went through a major thought explosion. For me this immediately supplied a major missing piece in the puzzle of why her body was so stagnant. I asked her to demonstrate how she used those under garments to confirm my suspicions.

    She proudly explained that she would adjust it to such a tight fit around her body that she was unable to breathe properly and sometimes felt that she would faint. My analogy to this would be: If you have ever step on a transparent layer of what look like thin ice or stood on one of those glass floors in a high building where you can see the streets hundreds of feet below between your feet, you may have experienced how you held your breath with some force due to the apprehension you felt deep inside. The ribcage elevates, and your breath is locked in your lungs. You cannot seem to release your breath until you step back on to a safer looking surface. Well she was in that breathing position for many, many hours day after day. All this to look good, to impress others, and feel superior—this was her objective. The reason why I was absolutely speechless was that this garment literally kills the human body slowly. When your body attire squeezes you tight your most important body muscle, the diaphragm, is restricted and can even shut off if squeezed tight enough.

    The diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle stretched horizontally across the body below the lungs and above the major organs. It allows the lungs to fill in with oxygen while descending and then to completely expel the carbon dioxide while ascending. While moving up and down, the diaphragm also massages the organs and promotes motion of the fluid around them. Some of those fluids cleanse the body—acting as waste deposal if you like—while others deliver nutrients and other important elements to the organs and surround tissue. The process of hindering or restricting the movement of the diaphragm leads to a lack of fluid flow causing overall stagnation in the body around the organs.

    Further compounding the negative impact on the body is that the lungs cannot use their full capacity anymore, thus they also become stagnant as they can neither completely expel the toxic air out of the body nor can they can draw the appropriate amount of oxygen in. This leads to the brain and the entire body function below its optimum ability. The stagnant fluids that are now trapped in the body will eventually cause inflammation. If the inflammation becomes too much for the body to deal with, it will chamber the unwanted fluids or metabolic remains in those areas. The body is protecting itself until it can deal with this festering problem. This chamber is more commonly called a tumour. Some tumours push on surrounding tissues and organs causing detrimental changes. Inflammations can also mutate in to diseases.

    Then she also proudly proclaimed that she wasn’t a big fan of water.

    We will talk about water and health in another blog.

    Wishing you an abundance of energy to help you achieve your wildest dreams,


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