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    Miss Quick Fix

    From the book “Walking Next To Cancer”

    Jocelyn would gulp them down enthusiastically, but without mixing the juices with the saliva in the mouth. No matter how many times I brought it to her attention that the digestion of carbohydrates starts in the mouth while mixing with the saliva, it made no difference. She would still quickly swallow it and then go rushing off to the next business challenge. She was thinking that the body would somehow manage to improvise this process in her stomach. Her job to deliver the prescribed necessities to her body was done. The rest was not her concern. We were joking that her name in those moments was Miss Quick Fix. No matter the pro-natural treatments she was considering, she was still looking for the quick fix solution. Swallow the pill and the job was done.

    She loved the word fix. She was fixing people’s lives, fixing problems, and fixing herself. None of those outlived her in the long run.

    When we use the word fix for our body, we imply a body made of disconnected parts that work separately from each other. That is simply not the case. Instead, our bodies comprise systems of systems that work together, and being mindful of this fact helps the positive outcome.

    I had a hard time trying to explain that every little thing matters. That this protocol is designed to maximize your natural body’s functions and to take advantage of every process your body has at its disposal to help the rebuilding of its compromised internal systems. Every missed step or improbably completed element of the treatment is a delay in your recovery, or worse—a major setback to success.

    The big challenge, in general, with metabolic diseases and food absorption is that, even if we are given the most nutritionally rich food on the Earth, we are still only as good as what we are able to digest. If we are not mindful about the stages and the requirements for food absorption, we will never get the optimum nutritional benefit we are supposed to. I even asked Jocelyn to eat with her hands sometimes so she could really feel the food with all her senses, but as expected, my idea was flushed down the toilet.


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