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    On which side of the statistic are you?

    Statistics can be polarizing. We all hope to be part of the favourable side of any statistic while our instinct is to simply exclude ourselves from the negative side. But you can’t avoid negative outcomes by simply asserting that you will. You need to work to earn your place among the positive outcomes. Even so, sometimes the work is not enough. Statistics can be unforgiving that way. All you can do is find a way to fight the good fight alongside the positive people who encourage positive energy. This was hard for Jocelyn to hear because she was used to being in control.

    Of course, we are all unique, and it is our right to be treated as such. Today the scientific data has the ability to group and tabulate our practices and results and thus derive statistics that suggest possible courses of actions. I suggest you remain open-minded to it all and approach any such data as an interesting message, never forgetting we are all different and respond differently.

    Statistics are not about certainty—only probability. If ninety-five percent of people response positively to a certain course of action, it means you probably will as well. You can deny or write-off the five percent chance that your outcome will not be favourable if you like—but that won’t change anything. Better to move forward with eyes open than closed.

    Still Statistically Healthy,


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