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Transform Perform Holistic Centre
Transform Perform Holistic Centre

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    Mariya's Get Active Program

    Needing a boost in ENERGY and CONFIDENCE?
    We provide AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE Personal Training!

    • TARGETED to your individual BIO-RYTHMNS
    • LOSE inches and GAIN strength, GORGEOUS posture, and HEALTH TIPS

    Call your W-HOLISTIC FITNESS COACH TODAY! At 778 779 1203 for a FREE 15min CONSULTATION!

    Mariya's Pain & Stress Free Program

    We provide personal training that is GENTLE yet EFFECTIVE!

    • Increase your strength through PAIN FREE work outs
    • Remain FIT and HEALTHY throughout your 50s, 60s and BEYOND
    • Improve your APPEARANCE and gain a more YOUTHFUL and RADIANT glow

    Call your W-HOLISTIC FITNESS COACH TODAY! At 778 779 1203 for a FREE 15min CONSULTATION!

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