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Transform Perform Holistic Centre
Transform Perform Holistic Centre

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    Mariya’s Get Active Program

    Having a family and building a successful career often hinders you from prioritizing yourself.
    At some point, highly paced and stressful lifestyle may cause you to reflect on your personal desires and priorities.

    Research shows that over 80% of professionals approach their retirement years exhausted, in pain, on prescription drugs and most alarmingly – already dealing with diseases.

    IF this is the case at 55 or 60 years old, what are you going to feel at 70 or 80 years old?

    Through my vast experience working with professionals, I have learned that with a steady pace and a personalized program: you can transform your body and change your life dramatically – in just 90 days!

    With my GUIDANCE,

    • You will see and feel an amazing PHYISCAL TRANSFORMATION
    • You will also GROW towards a path of POSITIVE THINKING
    • In 90 days you will incorporate NEW HABITS into your daily life
    • The NEW YOU will be a REALITY


    • Is to provide you TAILORED and SUCCESSFUL tools to achieve your goal
    • Is to be consistent in FOLLOW-UPs and RE-EVALUATION to constantly IMPROVE your training sessions
    • Is to share my knowledge in NUTRITION and TRAINING to educate you in becoming successful on your own

    All this can be achieved in THREE SIMPLE STEPS:

    • Consistency with your training days
    • Consciously budget for my affordable training sessions
    • Commitment to 90 days of working together with me and my advice for your diet and training


    Get Active Program
    30 day Money Back Guarantee

    Get Active Plan Pricing Options

    12 Month Commitment

    4 Sessions per week $1,672 /mo

    3 Sessions per week $1,260 /mo

    Totally Committed - 12 Month Plan
    6 Month Commitment

    4 Sessions per week $1,672 /mo

    3 Sessions per week $1260 /mo

    The Committed - 6 Month Plan
    3 Month Commitment

    4 Sessions per week $1,672 /mo

    3 Sessions per week $1,260 /mo

    90 Day Transformation - 3 Month Plan

    How to get the best out of this plan

    Understanding The Get Active Program

    The holistic approach to health is multidimensional. It assumes that there is a complex connection between mind, body, and spirit. Advocates of “whole” health are concerned with enhancement of personal health and the prevention of illness before it can take hold.
    Each person has the potential of balance. The stress in our lives, years of poor nutrition, the lack of quiet time takes a toll on our well being. This balance is obtained by understanding your own personal “Energy”.

    Holistic fitness is a journey to find your balance.

    This action plan offers:

    • Total Body Evaluation through filling out questionnaires
    • Evaluation of your musculoskeletal system and posture
    • Postural Corrections
    • Finding of your Metabolic Type and following the best nutritional advices
    • Injuries rehabilitation (if needed)
    • Personalised Fitness Program for achieving of your dream body
    • Attaining of a robust health

    From the perspective of holistic health, fitness requires regular physical exercise, healthy, peaceful eating, good mental health, positive social-emotional experiences, and attention to our spiritual needs.

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