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    About The Book

    In May of 2015, a holistic lifestyle coach is hired to help the post-operative recovery of a successful tough-as-nails business woman determined to defeat cancer with the same aggressive strong-willed determination that had served her so well this far. But what soon becomes clear is that much of “Jocelyn’s” success has been driven by internal hurt and emotional dysfunction and that what had once passed for happiness and peace of mind was, in Jocelyn’s case, predicated on dark unresolved issues. While her past experiences had forged Jocelyn into a “success” they are now getting in the way of her recovery. At war with herself, she is driven to compete with everyone around her. Unfortunately, the tactics and strategies that have served her so well in business are impotent when matched against a dis-ease like cancer, and so Jocelyn slowly and inexorably gives up ground in a fight for the first and last time in her life.

    Walking Next to Cancer is a clarion call for us to look within and resolves the issues that are constraining us and eroding our internal resources.

    Walking Next to Cancer. A Pilgrimage Through the Self
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    Walking Next To Cancer
    A Pilgrimage Through the Self.

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    Book Reviews

    The marriage between orthodox medicine and holistic healing has been explored in this wrenching and honest memoir, Walking Next to Cancer. Mariya Taneva writes that the body knows not to support deception, bluff or trickery. Dishonesty is as much of a pathway to dis-ease as any cellular change. A brave book about the intersection between family dysfunction, illness, recovery and the many ways that the mind can be used as a tool to heal.

    Mariya’s intense passion and dedication come shining through as she takes us through her journey of searching to find and heal the root cause and source of this dis-ease. A hint of Mariya’s humour comes through her words despite the struggles and pains of her story.

    She brings to the surface the impact and clashes amongst family and friends and professionals whose actions (in most cases) come from a place of love and the best interest of the dis-eased.


    You’ve taken a topic that is fraught with difficulty, humanized it through the lens of Jocelyn’s struggle with cancer, and written a manuscript that is frank and engaging. Your perspective on disease as dis-ease makes perfect sense, particularly when Jocelyn’s life is used as a vivid example of how such dis-ease can manifest itself. I believe that you have to say in these pages is applicable to anyone suffering a major illness—not just cancer.

    Walking next to cancer is a book which helps you reflect on how you can live on a daily basis for years without listening to your body. Your body talks to you, you just have to take the time and listen to it.

    It’s trying to find an easy way out of cancer, by believing any charlatans that crosses your route to survive, instead of willing to change one’s way of seeing life and living it through a holistic approach.

    Bitterness, bad life style and eating habits will only give munitions to cancer. Unfortunately, when you don’t or won’t believe in a holistic approach, as Mariya was trying to do, the cancer will unfortunately continue to grow.  Why? Because by pretending that your listening, while deep down inside you’re sending another message to your body, won’t help you at all. Think about it. Who are you kidding in the long run? You and only you!

    You can change your life and your way of seeing life at any time. Evey little bit counts on a daily basis. I know that l have some changes to do thanks to Mariya. Great book that makes you see life in a different perspective!

    I found this book to be an eye opener for me. It never dawn on me that my metal approach in life could have such an effect on my physical wellbeing. I knew like most people that my physical state affected my mental attitude but it never occurred to me that it also works the other way too. Through Mariya Taneva’s book I now understand how important it is to form the right mental framework to your life and your surroundings. The health ramifications can be crucially important to your long term all round health and of course happiness, not to mention the positive benefits to others around you. Other aspects of the book are very thought provoking on our approach to healing and wellbeing, what is good solution for the individual is not an appropriate or good to treat every individual. What type of healer, doctor, or specialist is right for you, as an individual? How can we get to a homogeneous health care focus where multi-discipline practitioners work in unison to treat an individual? This book as changed my direction in life, reset my priorities moving forward, it has put me back in the driver’s seat when it comes to looking after my own wellbeing.

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