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Transform Perform Holistic Centre
Transform Perform Holistic Centre

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Mental Stress

Mental Stress Pathways In The Physical Body

Here is how they say it works: If emotional or physiological stress is applied, the hormones change the body’s physiology by constricting the blood vessels in the viscera where our organs reside. We know that the blood in the viscera promotes growth because of its function to transport nutrients and…

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Living With The Cancer

A NOTE FROM MY BOOK, WALKING NEXT TO CANCER Living with the cancer is a challenge not only because you feel that your personality is splitting in two—yourself versus itself (i.e., the cancer)—but because every minute of your life now reminds you about the disease. She and I believed at…

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Healthy Lifestyle

Is Your Lifestyle Healthy or Unhealthy?

I suspect that the greatest reason for our health-related troubles is of our hectic lifestyle, the so-called rat race that causes stress daily and depreciates our true value. We live in tight spaces inside cement jungles called cities, and (surprisingly) we are proud of it. We have no time to…

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Talk about Death

“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” —Woody Allen I am intrigued by talk about death. It makes me feel somehow cosmopolitan but unique at the same time and full of unnoticed glory. Or at least, I blissfully revel in observing my…

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How does the holistic coaching work?

One of the strong beliefs in holistic coaching is that a client’s mind knows which way is best when it comes to the pursuit of their personal legend. In this regard, it is the client’s responsibility to choose their unique healing path. The holistic coaches are there to listen, guide,…

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