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Transform Perform Holistic Centre

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    Living With The Cancer


    Living with the cancer is a challenge not only because you feel that your personality is splitting in two—yourself versus itself (i.e., the cancer)—but because every minute of your life now reminds you about the disease. She and I believed at that time that, in order to succeed, one must follow every part of the protocol to the letter, exactly and precisely as the doctors laid it out. Unfortunately, the assertion that for a routine to be successful one needs to follow it precisely and unerringly is most often made by sketchy folks with questionable therapies as a way to (1) ensure client pay for things without asking too many questions and (2) shift the blame for failure onto the client. In hindsight, I now wonder if that was a misunderstanding of the holistic health concept on my part. On thinking more deeply about this, I remembered a text I once read. That going to an extremity in any direction, positive or negative, does not give much room for the any needed versatility of options and or adjustments on the way. Extremity often leads to rigidity and even wrong results.

    What is your take on that?


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