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    The Mystery Of The Human Body

    The human body is one of the most explored subjects on Earth, and yet it still holds many secrets. Take the time to do your own research! You will be immersed in an ocean of joy, duality, complexity, simplicity, dynamism, and inconsistent consistency. You will discover myriad wrong statements which are now proven correct and an equal number of correct statements that are now incorrect but true according to the circumstances. Such is the entity of integrated complex systems we call the human body.

    The creator must have been a woman, otherwise all the perfectly chaotic beauty doesn’t make any sense to me. Well, that was a joke—but I feel a true one.

    Before emerging into any research, I suggest you do some deep breathing exercises and then you can dive into what I refer to as the ocean of duality and simplicity. I am sorry if your mind collides with the cage of your own limitations. This cage is forged for us by society’s need for conformity. As you are reading this book, you are already breaking the rules of linearity.

    Of course, since the dawn of medicine, many have tried to expose the human body to find the key to its existence. Many are trying still. The story reveals daily its own astonishing magic with mesmerizing grace and majesty. I hope we shall never reach the absolute answer of this amazing organism—for then we might well lose the zest of life.

    With the assistance of my mysterious human body I now send you my best wishes,

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