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    Suffocating symptoms with pills vs healing of the body and mind

    “Symptomatic treatment is harmful wherever in nature it is applied to the soil, plants, animals or human beings, or in medicine….”

    —Dr. Werner Kollath

    When we lead the lifestyle described above we start getting symptoms—if we were constructed like a piece of manmade machinery, a red light or warning chime would alert our doctor of a problem. Because we are not assembled like a piece of machinery, a simple replacement part or a squirt of oil does not work for the human body. But changes in how we address our body’s symptoms will; a change which incorporates a transformation that encompasses our complexity.

    I support those doctors who insist that the symptoms are not to be masked or suffocated with pills but who try to address the root cause of symptoms. Symptoms are our partners and guiding light to the solution of the health problem we are dealing with. They help us experience our true selves, and they come to the aid of changing the nature of our connection with ourselves. The consequences of ignoring or failing to recognise symptoms can be quite undesirable and even disastrous as the body doesn’t give up in its purpose to lead us to health. It shouts out loud. It changes its tactics. It reorganises itself and comes back with a new challenge that we have to deal with. It always communicates with us. Here is why a broad understanding of the human body’s needs and modes of expression is required.

    In this regard, I propose to you that we think in terms of healing the person rather than simply treating their symptoms. Keep that in mind while reading this book despite the fact that I sporadically will use the word treatment for clarity on some subjects.

    And in conclusion, I must agree with Dr. Nichols who once wrote; “No wonder we are all sick … and science is no longer science when it attempts to violate God’s natural law.”[ii]

    Walking Next to Cancer was written with the thought of healthier you,


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