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    CHEK Practioner

    What Is Health?

    Many times, I have thought that, if I had to explain what health is, I would be probably telling a daydream, as I have never met a person who is perfectly healthy: Health is the dream and goal of every human being (if it is not, then I must assume that they have one of the three areas of good health not functioning healthily!). But wait a minute, is not health our birthright, our granted gift? What happens after our birth that causes us to squander that gift or take it for granted? I have only my personal thoughts on that, but I cannot offer you any miraculous answers.

    After all, it turns out that the most challenging part of confronting all types of medical practitioners and existing medicines is that, as humans, we are as different on the inside as we are on the outside. No two people are precisely the same. With the Earth now home to seven and a half billion people, medical science has seven and a half billion cases! How simple does that make things for the practitioners? And yet, through ingenuity and the integration our knowledge and techniques, we can have very optimistic thoughts about our health. Each universal law applies to everyone, but the path to achievement of health is different for everyone. Because we have seven and half billion types of awareness, it is different in every single person, thus we chose various pathways to interpret the health of each life, resulting in seven and half billion definitions.

    Having those thoughts for the longest time, I have drawn my own canvas, in my mind, of a healthy person (the person I am striving to be). Imagine a human being who radiates vitality, a human being who steps so light on the ground and only leaves infinite serenity and eternal love in their footsteps. The above is what I feel it should be. I have no physical description of the healthy human; I imagine that they should exude vitality and radiate health if you like. Despite all of the scientific descriptions for weight, height, etc. there is no unified description of a perfectly physically healthy person. I would rather say that each person has his or her own health equilibrium, and as coaches, we need to work with our clients to find their own form of health.

    I hope that now the reader has a different view on disease. Interpreting it as DIS-EASE and that is all. It is a condition that can be eased out of, or eased through, or eased over. I cannot explain more positively the view of disease. Dis-ease can also be a blessing. By turning people’s lives upside-down, it helps them to find and sort themselves out. Dis-ease is one of nature’s efforts to bring you back on the right path. Some people get the message; others are devastated and go in to denial.

    “A disease is a particular abnormal condition, a disorder of a structure or function, that affects part or all of an organism… Disease is often construed as a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs.”[i]

    The origin of the word disease comes from the Old French desaise which translates as distress, want, misfortune, sickness (literally without ease). I recognize a great complexity in that definition that also happens to align with the complexities of the dis-eased cases I have worked with. As you can understand dis-ease is not a single isolated condition where we take a pill for a quick-fix and—lo and behold—we have solved the problem. The reason doctors were once called healers is because a dis-ease was approached with its entire complexity of the whole being. The word doctor comes from the Latin verb docere meaning to teach.


    Hopefully Healthy,

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