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Now imagine that each morning you unwrap your
gift and have 24 golden hours to experience it
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To achieve the highest potential for personal health and well-being.

The conscious choices and responsible actions one makes
to balance many integrated dimensions,
(physical, emotional, Intellectual and spiritual)
of one\'s existence to achieve the highest potential for
personal health and well-being.

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Move, eat and balance on the crest of your
wave of wellness

Move, eat and balance on the crest of your wave of
wellness Exploit your best qualities and physical
strength on your personal journey through
Life Reinvent your body and soul

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Understanding the Holistic Approach to Health and Fitness

The holistic approach to health is multidimensional. It assumes that there is a complex connection between mind, body, and spirit. Advocates of “whole” health are concerned with enhancement of personal health and the prevention of illness before it can take hold. Yet when healing is needed, there are a wide range of therapies to consider, such as a combination of conventional and non-conventional medical treatments, or an altogether different healing tradition.

Each person has the potential of balance. The stress in our lives, years of poor nutrition, the lack of quiet time takes a toll on our well being. This balance is obtained by understanding your own personal “Energy”. Your energy is made up of your body, mind, and essential energy or spirit. The three work together in harmony to bring happiness, peace, and ultimately, balance. However, if one of these three is out of sync, the entire person suffers. Holistic fitness is a journey to find your balance.

From the perspective of holistic health, fitness requires regular physical exercise, healthy, peaceful eating, good mental health, positive social-emotional experiences, and attention to our spiritual needs.

How do i educate my clients?

After taking training with me my clients know:

  • How to breath properly while exercising.
  • How to strengthen and control the core.
  • How to manipulate their joints properly.
  • How to reinvent their body and lead to perfection.
  • How to eat better and sustain the desired weight.
  • How to evaluate and improve their energy levels.
  • How to improve their Lifestyle.
  • How to love and appreciate Life even more.
  • How to resurrect their soul.

What to Expect

1. Improved Posture! Optimum posture is crucial for our organs’ health and fluids circulation. It is the base need for efficiency in our daily movement patterns. If optimum posture the body would expand less energy to keep you standing up against gravity.
2. Purified Body! Lymphatic system is 20% of your immune system and can be pumped only through movements. While we exercise we increase the efficiency of the lymphatic system from 3 to 30 times!
3. Increase of Oxygen Intake! Oxygen is our most important nutrient.Improved breathing patterns lead to greater volume of oxygen which leads to higher efficiency of all bodily processes.
4. Increased Muscle Mass! More muscle means more energy for your daily routines.
5. Decreased Fat Mass ! Losing extra fat makes it easier for the organs to function and for fluids to circulate. It decreases the load on the joints and bones. It is related to improved breathing patterns.
It minimizes the opportunity for storing toxins which the body would flash instead.
6. Better Sleep Patterns! Organs and tissue recover during your sleep from 10:30 pm to 2:00 am if you only are able to get to deep sleep at that time. Exercising creates healthy sleep patterns and improves recovery.
7. Off Medications! Many times my clients are put off medications by their doctors because of the improved medical test results.
8. Injury Prevention. We often have that wrong movement that lead to injuries daily but if we only have a better overall fitness condition we would prevent most of the injuries and aches.
9. Release of Endorphin! Yes, the Happy Hormone releases as soon as body warms up.

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