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    Cancer Is The Message, Not The Dis-Ease

    “The man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything.”

    —Eleanor Roosevelt

    I would like to urge you to open the door to all that is suppressed in your mind.
    Let it spill out, releasing all that is inhibiting you; clear it out, and keep that door in your mind ajar. Holding on to the negative thoughts pollutes us and adds a tremendous invisible load on our subconscious mind, and this eventually leads to major health challenges.
    You might wonder how that’s possible—how what’s in your mind can affect your body. Mind and body are connected. On some level everybody knows this. You know this.
    But what’s in my mind… that’s who I am, who I’ve always been. I can’t change that, can I?
    Changing the way you perceive the world and being conscious of how you are thinking takes self-awareness. This takes practice and time. Because our default thought patterns developed on their own over years (decades even) and were subjectively influenced by our environment when we were growing up, it means that there is a great deal of work to do. To suddenly stop and analyse this mostly unconscious practice will, at first, slow your everyday life down to a crawl. At this point, I would encourage you to find the positive in what you once perceived as negative—make friends with the sorrow. When you start to reconcile with your life’s pain (both physical and emotional), it will become a source of strength.
    The fact that our path through life is governed by our childhood patterns makes us feel somehow liberated from the responsibilities for our early life. My experience tells me that we are not at fault feeling devalued, but we are responsible for the way we handle our fractured self.

    To change those childhood patterns, for most of us, is not easy by any means, but it is possible, and doing so, in most cases, brings great inner relief, new found strength, and added confidence. Even though the negative side of these patterns may never leave you, you now understand them and control the influence that have over you. You accept them and are at peace with them. We need to find a way to judge them objectively and without bias, which is sometimes very difficult when trying to judge yourself. Only by addressing the dark aspects of our personality can we come to recognize (and develop) their positive potentials.

    As beings, we are re-created every minute of our existence. This happens through our own emotions, feelings, and deeds—and also through the impact of the emotions, feelings, and deeds of the others around us. Throughout each day, we tend to accumulate and harbour unresolved, unidentifiable, and conflicting feelings and emotions. Unfortunately, for most of us, they seem to outweigh the positive feelings and emotions. Our emotional health paves the path to growth and ultimate health. Our mental health boosts our physical health, and the inverse is true.

    If we want our bodies and minds to expand, we cannot skip a single step of development. We are a very tightly integrated composition of mind, soul, and physical body. We cannot forsake our soul and just take care of our physical body because our physical body is the tangible expression of our emotions, feelings, and beliefs. It embodies the soul. Some say the soul embodies the physical body. The truth must be somewhere between those words.

    I believe in our ability to evolve towards who we truly are. I am confident that we have the answers of all questions inside. We have but to listen and we shall feel ¬– if not hear—what we need to know. We need to look deep inside and we shall get the answers.

    “… knowledge will not come from teaching but from questioning.”

    —Socrates in The Music of Pythagoras by Kitty Ferguson (p.143).

    We already possess within ourselves the answers to all the questions that mystifies us.

    Keeping an open mind can help us rise above all that is unimportant and allow us to reach towards understanding and expand our horizons. Furthermore, our bodies and thoughts constantly develop and change and adapt. Out sense of today often seems incomplete tomorrow. We bathe in mistakes. So, what?! Is this not the established path to improvement?

    The challenge with cancer is that we have to recognize that it requires our full attention. It must be our sole focus for a time. It demands total devotion, and we must rally with non-combative, passively strong acceptance in order to coexist.
    To truly understand our physical, mental, and spiritual development, we need to reflect on matters that date back to our very conception and the entirety of the path that has led us to the present.

    I don’t have my own children, but I have more children than a woman can physically produce. And these are my clients. Often, I feel like a parent. With everyone, without an exception (myself included, of course), I deal with that three-, five-, or nine-year-old child who carries undigested feelings and emotions.

    Paying attention to my clients’ childhoods has opened the door to a new knowledge for me, and it has delivered unexpected solutions to the problems they face today. It turns out that helping people understand their childhood as a root of all dis-eases is a way more effective method than simply masking the symptoms of their suffering and seeking the latest magic solution.

    Our problems reside in our beliefs (which are a reality we have imposed upon ourselves). If we believe that we are suffering because of being abused mentally or physically, we live our personal belief and bear the consequences.

    What we need to do is to objectify beliefs. Give them shape, colour, voice, smell—we need to explore their world and see through them if we are to gain understanding.

    That will liberate our mind and body from the stagnation.

    And finally, I want you to urge you to action.

    There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.

    —John F Kennedy

    Cancer is a message. It is not the dis-ease. The dis-ease resides somewhere between our thoughts and feelings.

    Have you observed what happens when you have stepped on a patch of grass? Your crushing weight flattens the grass. But while most leaves of grass rebound, others don’t. Why?

    If you are too rigid under pressure, you will snap.

    If you are too soft under pressure, you will be too weak to reassert yourself.

    If you are flexible under pressure, you will be able to adjust to the situation and come back stronger.

    The ability and willingness to change is the flexibility that will allow you to rebound.

    The solution is inside you, not outside you.

    Your Compassionate Wellness Coach,

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