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    Lower Back Pain

    Lower back pain is a permanent complain for most of us.
    Lower back pain is the leading cause of inactivity and absenteeism in the workplace throughout much of the world.
    Some of the most common reasons for lower back are:
    • postural imbalance
    • gut inflammation
    • emotional burden
    • direct injury or medical operation
    • dehydration
    • bodily fluids stagnation
    • segment muscles imbalance
    • excessive body weight
    • prolonged sitting or standing still
    • herniated lumbar disc
    • degenerative disc disease
    • etc
    For example, a gut inflammation can cause a postural imbalance which would strain certain torso muscles and ultimately lead to lower back pain or discomfort.
    In other words, the mechanical postural imbalance will always lead to structural compensation and decreased performance of the athlete or anybody in their daily routine.
    Through healthy lifestyle changes and the right training we can avoid lower back pain and discomfort.
    Your evaluation is extremely important for the personalized exercise prescription.
    Call your Holistic Lifestyle Coach for a thorough evaluation today.
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